Random O2 bits. Ass-mar

Nasal cannula 2-6L/min. Face mask 5 – 10 L/min

If COPD + abg shows normal pCO2 –> increase sats to 94-98% unless prior hx of hypercapnic respiratory failure.

Sabs –> lower K+.
Ipatropium –> anticholingeric hence causes dry mouth. BEWARE anticholinergics in BPH or Glaucoma.
Steroids suppress adrenals and cause osteoporosis.

Life-threatening asthma: PaO2 under 8, PEF 1/3 of best, sats under 92%, cyanosis.
Near-fatal: Raised PaCo2.

Acute exac: Hi-flow O2; neb sab every 15 mins; neb ipratropium four hrly; pred 40mg or hydrocort 100mg.
Then Mg IV if not responding; consider Iv aminophylline.


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