Unsorted mess: ECG stuff, ACS, MI etc.

Acute MI = Aspirin 300mg stat. 5mg diamorphine IV. B-blocker IV (continue oral for 1 year). ACEi (if not low BP)
IV fibrinolytics if STEMI LLBB within 12 hours of onset if NOT peptic ulcer, GI bleed, stroke.
Home on: Low dose 75mg aspirin, B-blocker for year, ACEi, statins,

High K+: Flat P-waves, broad QRS, tall t-waves
Low K+: U-wave, prolonged QT. Can result in Torsades.

Hi Ca++: QT shortened, high T-wave.
Low Ca++: ST prolongation.

Digox tox: Sagged ST depressions. Depressed because they’re sagging
like foxgloves.
PE: Deep S in I, Q wave and negative T in III; also negative T in V1-V3. SIQIIITIII for Romans.
RAD. sometimes RBBB.

Pathological Q-wave: Any Q in V1-V3 or otherwise Q waves 2 deep, one wide.
Leads III and AVR = normal to have a Q-wave.

RsR’ and broad QRS, duh = BBB.
PR increased – AV block.
PR reduced (under 120) and delta wave = WPW. Risk of AVRT.

Prolonged QT ==> Low K+. Post MI. Risk of prolonged QT –> torsades –> VF.

AVNRT = Valsava/carotid/adeonine. Narrow tachy.

Broad = over 120ms = VT, SVT with aberrancy, VF.

Brady – any BB, CCB, dig?

LVH = R in V5/V6, S V1 – over 35mm. HTN, AS.


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