Emergency! Shock if VT or pulseless VT.

Anaphylaxis – Stridor, high-pitch inspiratory, upper airway obstruction.

IM Half a millilitre of 1:1000 epi 500 micrograms (0.5ml) – repeat 5 mins if no better.
10mg Chlorphenamine IV/IM.
200mg Hydrocortisone IV/IM. 


i.e. anaphylaxis = 500microgram; ALS = 1mg epi. Half of ALS in anaphylaxis. 

ALS: 1:10,000 1:10k 1mg IV. 

Random fact: 6, 6, 12, Adenosine reduces AV nodal conduction. 6mg, 6mg, 12mg. 


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