Low Sodium – Hyponatraemia

Hypervolaemia: Nephrotic & CCF & EF & Liver failure.

Euvolaemia + hi urine osmol = SIADH.
Euvolaemia + lo urine osmol = SubTHN; Glucocorticoid lack; H2O Overload.

Hypovolaemia + low urine Na under 20 => GI/Burns/Pancreatitis i.e. Vom; Diarr; Burns; Pancreatis; SBO.

Hypovolaemia + high urine Na over 20 => RENAL LOSSES i.e. kidney loses sodium into urine.
Renal losses i.e. Addison’s; ARF/ATN; DIURETICS.

Let’s approach it another way: Diuretics cause – low Na, low volume status, but HIGH urinary  sodium. Okay…




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